About Our Company

Mikini Bikini was founded on the simple idea that you should be able to wear a bikini that you love. We take the designer’s pen and put it in your hands, allowing you to create a unique piece of swimwear that expresses who you are both inside and out. You design it. We build it. Pretty simple, huh?

So how do you design your own bikini? Well, click here to get started. You’ll find you have lots of options to personalize your bikini the way you want. Start by picking the style that you are going for. Then, we have tons of interesting, high quality fabrics and patterns to choose from. But act quickly. Specific fabric quantities are limited and we can’t guarantee that they’ll still be around if you wait too long. Don’t stress though (we definitely wouldn’t want that). Lucky for you we’re adding more options to choose from all the time! And here’s some more good news (yay!) – you can mix and match our tops and bottoms however you want.

But that’s not all. True beauty lies on the inside, right? We agree. That’s why you also have unique bikini lining options to choose from! From leopard print to polka dots, we have you covered. Literally. So go ahead and express your inner self.

With all these options, you can be sure that you’re bikini won’t look anything like what you’d find on the rack. You are unique (and fabulous, we might add). At Mikini Bikini, we believe your bikini should be too.